Everything You Need to Know on How Immigration Changed the United States

Over the years, America has been having never ending issues with immigration. It is ironical to know that United States was formed due to immigration after the initial settlers fled persecution from the countries they were formerly living. The immigrant population is still useful in providing human resource which is made America to be an economic power. This article is going to provide you with more details about how immigration is changed America.

The Spanish were the first settlers to inhabit North America and then followed by French and English settlers. The settlers were then joined by other immigrants from Asia and Latin America. It is important to note that America got up to a million immigrants from across the world in the 1900s with the bulk of these immigrants being of European, Latin American and Asian accent. Today, America has more than 59 million immigrants and 21% of these immigrants have been coming since 2010. Some of the states have experienced more growth of immigrants and these states include Florida, New York and California.

In the year 2017, about 51,600 people from countries with low rates of immigration become beneficiaries of the green cards. Every year in the United States, 55,000 visas are given out and more people are showing interest in the green cards and others starting the naturalization process by applying for citizenship using their expired green cards.

Immigration has changed America in many ways and has made it to be more successful in dominant because the immigrants provide labor for most of the industries. You will also find that immigrants have greatly impacted the culture and art in America considering that most of the famous directors and composers were born by immigrants. Recently, the number of immigrants coming to the United States has become lower and most of the new immigrants are high skill level immigrants that has enabled more diversification in the country. As you probably know, a lot of the immigrants today undertake professions that will provide them with job opportunities requiring high-level skills. It is good to know that the US immigration positively impact things such as government finances through taxes and other contributions that they are required to make and productivity. From 2016 statistics, you’ll find that there are about 10.7 million immigrants who are undocumented with a considerable number of them being active in employment especially in the farming and construction industries. For more interesting reads about immigration and how it has impacted the United States, ensure that you check out this page.

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