Factors to Have in Mind When Choosing the Type of Bong to Buy

It is quite a confusing experience buying your first bong when you are not very well conversant with smoking. Due to the vast number of sizes, various materials, and styles, it can be quite frustrating trying to get the right bong that you desire. All the types and variations can deliver the result you deserve, your preference and taste will direct you on the type to choose. Smoking with a bong is more about the experience that you get than it is about smoking. Your experience is dependent on the essential things you have in mind when you are buying a bong.

For stylish purposes, most people prefer glass bongs. Many materials vary that is used when making bongs. Among these materials include plastic, ceramic and metal. Glass is easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness and it looks style and that is why most people prefer them. Glass is pretty fragile though so it may not be a good idea to buy one if you want to buy for outdoor camping and going out with friends. Plastic and metal bongs cannot easily break and are easy to carry along during camping.

The size of the bong is also an important factor to have in mind. Big bongs can accommodate more smoke which will go for longer periods. Smaller bongs will contain less and go for shorter periods. A larger glass bong requires more responsibility because of its fragile nature. A larger glass bong will be a burden to carry along. It is an advantage to a large plastic bong.

The material and size are determined by the venue of use and purpose. Mind if you have kids at home of you are planning to use it at home. Know the surface of the ground if you plan to use it outdoor.

The price of the bong is an important factor to consider. Some bongs are cheaper than others. Consider a bong that will not affect your wallet. The prices of bongs vary according to quality. Buying a cheaper and smaller bong is advisable for first-timers. After checking on your budget, see how far you are ready to go to obtain a bong. Let the level of experience you desire to determine how much you are willing to spend. How much you are will spend on a gong will greatly influence your experience. Good quality bongs are not cheap so you should not forget about this factor.

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